Michael recently joined the Reinventure team as our Investment Analyst, providing support to the Investment Team. To get to know him a little better, we thought we’d find out what he does when he’s not in the office, what makes him tick, and of course get him to place his bet on the mainstreaming of autonomous vehicles!

  1. What are you currently studying?
    I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW with majors in both Finance and Information Systems. I’ll be finishing my studies this year! Prior to taking on the role at Reinventure, I was at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong working in technology investment banking alongside my studies.
  1. What do you hope to learn at Reinventure?
    I hope to learn more about how to think like an investor, how to support and add value to our portfolio companies and what metrics to analyse when looking at an early-stage investment.
  1. What was a highlight of your first week?
    Attending the investment team pipeline meeting and listening to the team throw around ideas and thoughts was a highlight – it gave me an insight into the depth of experience of the team and also the thought process behind assessing an investment. Secretly though, my overall highlight was probably playing Cards Against Silicon Valley at our Friday team lunch. I may have let Rohen win. He probably disagrees.
  1. When do you think autonomous vehicles will go mainstream?
    My bet is we will see more mainstream adoption of autonomous vehicles within two years. Uber is doing some interesting work in Pittsburgh with autonomous cars already, but it’ll take some time to bring the price point down to something affordable.
  1. Aspiring entrepreneur or investor?
    Both. Right now, investing appeals to me because I love hearing about new businesses, working with passionate founders and seeing high speed growth but later down the track I’d like to give entrepreneurship a shot.