Reinventure is excited to announce its investment into Everproof, a start-up that allows businesses to verify identities and validate qualifications, enabling them to build an online register of their employees’ credentials. In doing so, they can mitigate the costs associated with the unnecessary duplication of checks across the industry.

Initially working in the sports and recreation industry to verify Working with Children checks, Everproof is now looking to use $1.5 million in funding to expand its services and product offerings to a broader range of qualifications and certifications, including visa checks and employment and education histories. The start-up, which was founded in 2016 by former school friends Nathan Merzvinskis and Hugh Krantz, alongside chief technical officer Andreas Limberopoulos, provides employers with a way to verify an individual’s credentials via a subscription model, as well as letting individuals store their qualifications online and share them easily between employers. Unlike other screening services that perform these checks as a one-off, Everproof creates a continuous verified profile that can be utilised on an ongoing basis. This helps organisations monitor the compliance of their workforce beyond the point of entry and enables individuals to streamline background screening moving forward.

The company has already amassed 30,000 users across sporting clubs and organisations and will be adding an additional 50,000 in the coming months thanks to a deal with Cricket Australia.

Expanding into the financial sector, Everproof wants to bring enhanced transparency to the industry, enabling financial planners to securely prove to clients that their licences and qualifications are valid. This technology will also reduce misconduct within the field, ensuring a safer, more stable financial environment. We are excited to get behind Everproof as the digital identity and verification space will become increasingly important, especially within the context of open banking.

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