Key Stats


Sector: Social network

Founders: Adam Rigby

CEO: Adam Rigby

Year of investment: 2014, 2015

Rounds: Seed, Series A

Co-investors: Fairfax Media, Seven West Media

Year Exited: 2018

What they do

Nabo is a free social media platform that enables individuals and community organisations to instantly and directly connect online with others in their suburb. It differentiates itself from other social media platforms by enabling residents to develop real ‘geographical’ communities (bound by suburb) online. Locals can feel comfortable chatting with people who live in close proximity and everyone can have a say about the things that matter to their local community. It is an environment where verified members can ask other locals for help to find their lost pet, share recommendations about that great new restaurant, spread the word about a barbecue or growers market and discuss important issues affecting their suburb.

First Australian neighbourhood social network gets $2.25 million investment

Why we like them

We love the mission that Nabo is on to build community and connect neighbours with each other.

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