Key Stats

NameFillr ‘Autofill as a Service’

Sector: Autofill Technology, Buy Now Pay Later

Founders: Chris Koch, Chad Stephens

CEO: Chris Koch

Year of investment: 2016

Rounds: Series A

Co-investors: Softbank China Capital, Southern Cross Venture Partners

Year Exited: 2020

What they do

Fillr has developed ‘Autofill as a Service’, an autofill platform that seamlessly integrates into third-party apps, enabling their users to transact faster, boosting conversions and revenue. Fillr’s powerful mapping engine, algorithms and machine learning technology utilise advanced proprietary textual heuristics to read forms as close to human representation as possible. Unlike other ‘payment’ platforms, Fillr can be used anywhere regardless of a merchant being integrated and can be used for any transaction, even those that don’t require payment.

Fillr raises $5m from Softbank, Reinventure and Southern Cross Venture Partners

Why we like them

We love Fillr as they are powering transactions on some of the world’s top ecommerce apps and revolutionising the ‘buy now pay later’ space by enabling the functionality to go absolutely anywhere, even with merchants that aren’t integrated/supported.

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