Key Stats

Name: Akin

Sector: Personal AI

Founders: Liesl Yearsley, Travis Giggy

CEO: Liesl Yearsley

Year of investment: 2018

Rounds: Seed

Co-investors: CometLabs

What they do

Akin is an artificial intelligence company that integrates neuroscience into their AI platforms. In doing so, they are creating technology capable of not only managing complex problems but able to form intrinsic relationships with humans. By replicating human ‘intuitive’ problem solving rather than logical reasoning, Akin is able to model human pattern recognition, mental models, and implicit conceptual systems for quick decision making, even in environments where data is uncertain or insufficient.

Local pioneer lands Silicon Valley and Westpac backing for human AI at Akin 

Why we like them

Currently, artificial intelligence does not have the autonomy to tackle challenges of complex environments. We believe that Akin will develop AI capable of building trust and improving human life, by predicting and supporting human decision making.

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