Key Stats


Sector: Data

Founders: Vinay Samuel

CEO: Vinay Samuel

Year of investment: 2014, 2015

Rounds: Seed, Series A

Co-investors: Exto Partners

Year Exited: 2018

What they do

Zetaris is a global Big Data, BI and enterprise data warehousing company based on open-source technologies integrated with powerful data intelligence algorithms, offering the power of enterprise grade data analytics at the lowest total cost. The Zetaris Unified Analytics Framework (UAF) is an end-to-end solution encompassing data ingestion, modelling, analysis and visual discovery. Zetaris helps clients blend and analyze different varieties of data from multiple sources to see new insights and to extract hidden value. The platform offers an integrated Hadoop, Massively Parallel Processing database and event detection analytics solution for Banks, Telcos, Retailers, Airlines and Government.

Westpac VC fund Reinventure buys stake in big data firm Zetaris

Why we like them

Zetaris are simplifying the complex world of analytics all the way from wrangling customers disparate data through to building simple analytical models.

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