Key Stats

Name: CodeLingo

Sector: Software development quality testing platform

Founders: Jesse Meek and PJ Murray

Year of investment: 2017

Rounds: Seed

Co-Investors: Right Click Capital

What they do

CodeLingo is a platform that enables users to scale end-to-end software development processes that improve code quality. Patterns across the whole development process can be seen and defined to automate functions such as code reviews, real-time crash debugging, and continuous feedback via the developer’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment). CodeLingo aims to streamline manual QA processes to dramatically reduce the time, risks and costs often associated with scaling software development teams.

Dunedin startup CodeLingo Raises NZ$450,000 from Reinventure and RightClick Capital

Why we like them

The problem of coordinating distributed development teams at scale is more pressing than ever – we believe CodeLingo has really seen around a corner with this platform to streamline software development and address issues of technical debt in fast-growth businesses.

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