Key Stats

Name: Kasada

Sector: Cyber-security

Founder and CEO: Sam Crowther

Year of investment: 2018

Rounds: Seed

Co-investors: Our Innovation Fund

What they do

Kasada is an innovative cyber-security company, leading the fight against malicious automation (bad bots) on websites and web apps. Its novel approaches and cloud-based technology delivers stronger security, lower infrastructure costs and enables a better end-customer experience.

Kasada solves difficult problems every day at massive scale. It handles the traffic of some of Australia’s largest web properties, and the company is expanding globally.

Westpac’s Kasada Deal Points To “Cybersecurity as a Service”

Why we like them

As the world becomes more automated and technology focused, there is an increased need for cyber security and data protection. We believe that Kasada’s innovative software solutions to protect websites and information will greatly improve online security.

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