Key Stats

Name: Everproof

Sector: Digital Identity

Founders: Nathan Merzvinskis, Hugh Krantz, Andreas Limberopoulos

CEO: Nathan Merzvinskis

Year of investment: 2018

Rounds: Seed

Year Exited: 2020

What they do

Everproof is a background screening and verification platform that is creating greater trust and transparency in regulated industries.

Unlike other screening services that perform these checks once, Everproof continuously performs these checks and creates a verified profile that can be utilised on an ongoing basis. This helps organisations monitor the compliance of their workforce beyond the point of entry and enables individuals to own their digital identity to streamline transactions moving forward.

Ultimately Everproof’s mission is to become a shared verification resource that can be trusted by anyone, anywhere.

Reinventure backs verification platform Everproof, which aims to banish fake CVs

Why we like them

Everproof has so far brought a new level of compliance and verification to the sporting and recreation industry through its digital identity services. These tools will have huge impact on the financial services industry moving forward.

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