Key Stats

Name: Auror

Sector: Crime Prevention

Founders: Phil Thomson, Tom Batterbury, James Choi, James Corbett

CEO: Phil Thomson

Year of investment: 2015

Rounds: Seed, Series A

Co-investors: Sam Morgan (TradeMe), K1W1

What they do

Auror is a software company transforming how businesses and police prevent and solve crime.

Auror’s software allows businesses like big box retailers, shopping centres, and petrol stations to quickly and easily report crime, while also helping Police solve more crimes faster. Auror connects the dots on criminal activity, providing real-time intelligence to its crimefighters, and through smart integration with recognition technologies, alerts users to help them prevent further crime.

Join Auror in the fight against crime.

Auror secures round of funding

Why we like them

We love Auror because it’s using data to make the world a safer place.  The Auror team and their community are real life super heroes!

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