As a founder, adviser, and now an investor, I look forward to working alongside Australia’s fintech entrepreneurs, who are among some of the best in the world.

I’ve spent my career at the intersection of financial services and technology, both in the US and Australia. Growing up in Silicon Valley, my career started in a culture of innovation and rapid change. My first internship was at Sun Microsystems which left an early impression. Sun, once a tech darling, was acquired by rival Oracle with Facebook assuming its headquarters all in less than ten years.

A former research analyst and private equity investor on Wall Street for nearly a decade, I love to understand tech businesses. I analysed and invested at various stages of the cycle and across sub sectors. Why do some tech companies trade at five times while others trade at more than ten times? What makes a defensible business? Where are we in the cycle? Today, these questions are as relevant as ever.

I am also a founder. I started and grew a successful financial services business for tech companies in Australia. The genesis of my business is my passion for helping Australian tech founders by applying my analytical background and international reach.

Fintech may be a buzzword, but investing in technology has been core to the most successful financial services firms for decades. As such, we are fortunate to have Westpac – one of the world’s largest and strongest banks – behind us and the founders we back.

I am excited to join Danny and Simon in building Reinventure and believe our founder-led approach is a point of difference. Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz is right in saying business success not only relies on intellect but also on “working hard, being reliable, and being an excellent member of the team.” Reinventure embodies this.

I feel lucky to call Australia home. I enjoy relaxing with my young family and am a semi-professional magician who specialises in party tricks (that’s a joke, sort of).