Key Stats

Name: InDebted

Sector: Debt Collection

Founder & CEO: Josh Foreman

Year of investment: 2017

Rounds: Seed, Series A, Series B

Angel Investors: Lachlan Heussler, Greg Waldorf, Mike Zimmerman and Craig Carroll

What they do

InDebted is changing the way businesses collect outstanding debts. Their platform helps businesses of all sizes collect more debts, in less time, by leveraging modern communications, automation and machine learning. They are committed to bringing positive change to this industry, ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and with respect. To learn about how they can help your business visit

Reinventure backs InDebted to disrupt debt collection sector

Why we like them

We love InDebted because we’ve got a passionate founder who is using technology to disrupt an archaic industry whilst helping both businesses and customers to have an improved debt collection experience.

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