At Reinventure, we are firm believers in the power of community, and endeavour to make a strong contribution to those we are a part of. From our portfolio family, to the burgeoning FinTech ecosystem to the broader startup community, we look for opportunities where we can provide value, offer support and celebrate success.

Portfolio Community

Every company that joins the Reinventure portfolio becomes a part of a broader family of startups focused on building disruptive technology platforms that will reinvent the future of financial services in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

With so much common ground to start from, we have invested in building a community program for the founders and core team of our ventures to connect with and leverage for peer support, knowledge sharing and upskilling, as well as benefiting from shared portfolio services and connection to our partners at Westpac, who work hard to find strategic opportunities that will give our ventures an unparalleled edge in market.


Broader Ecosystem

We recognise that the success of our ventures will only be enhanced by the success of the startup ecosystem as a whole, which is why we make it a priority to be involved in building and enhancing the physical, social and regulatory environment they exist within.

Stone and Chalk

Bringing the Sydney FinTech community together under one roof was a key milestone in putting the local ecosystem on the map. Danny and Simon were instrumental in seeding the concept of a shared work space for local FinTech startups, working with government and corporate partners to identify potential space opportunities and appointing leadership to make the vision a reality. Danny Gilligan is also a Founding Director of Stone & Chalk.

FinTech Australia

With the Australian Financial Services Industry being a heavily regulated space, with high barriers to entry, a concerted effort was needed to unite the voice of local FinTech startups, advocate for policy reform and improve the operating environment for fledgling businesses. Reinventure was a key part of a small group of Australian FinTechs that came together in late 2015 to lay the groundwork for the first national industry body, prepare a landmark policy reform document for the Treasury, and build a strong member base in advance of the association’s inaugural AGM in early 2016. Simon Cant was appointed the first Chair of FinTech Australia in March 2016.


The FinTech community sits within a much broader tech startup ecosystem dedicated towards boosting the innovation culture of our country and again creating a more supportive and high-performing environment for Australian startups. We are founding members and support the work of TechSydney, the local startup industry association advocating for a stronger, more collaborative local startup ecosystem.